Radio Martiko
Third Sunday of the month | 10am + 10pm CET

Radio Martiko travels around the world in search for vinyl records and master tapes with hidden musical treasures from the past. Through the release on the Radio Martiko record label, DJ sets, radio shows and online mixes, you can enter the universe of Radio Martiko, a boundary breaking sound adventure. Let the oriental drums explore your senses, get blown away by heavy Balkan brass, dance to afro-latin rhythms or get absorbed by dreamy vibes from Indonesia or Ethiopia.

For the ‘Outsiders’ show on Kiosk Radio, the Martikos invite other global sound explorers: label managers, DJs and record collectors who are devoted to unearthing musical gems from global music traditions. Every month, a central guest will introduce you to their musical cosmos by talking about their work and passion. We hope you enjoy this global sound trip.

Place des Palais 10
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels-Capital Region
City of Brussel

Kiosk Radio is supported by City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region.