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About Kiosk

Kiosk Radio is an online community radio and streaming platform broadcasting 24/7 from a wooden kiosk in the heart of Brussels’ historic 'Parc Royal'. The radio was founded in 2017 and broadcasts a wide range of music genres, from jazz to experimental, from rock to electronic music.

The station’s programme features a mix of live DJ sets, pre-recorded mixes and interviews by both local and international artists. One of the unique features of Kiosk Radio is its emphasis on Brussels’ local community. The station regularly hosts and supports a diverse array of local artists, musicians, collectives and cultural organisations to showcase the vibrant music scene in Brussels.

The kiosk itself serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike, providing a unique space for people to connect and enjoy music together.


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A tiny bar next to the radio studio serves daily coffee, local beers, natural wines and organic soft drinks to support the project’s sustainability. The bar is open every day from noon to 10pm. Join us in the park!


Kiosk Radio frequently hosts music events and parties, both at the kiosk and at other venues throughout Brussels and beyond. We also regularly host stages in collaboration with local and international festivals such as Horst Festival, Dekmantel & more. Sign up to our newsletter to always be up-to-date.


Kiosk Radio is openly committed to creating a safe(r) and caring environment free from racism, sexism, nationalism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and any form of exclusionary behaviour.

We have a zero tolerance policy for violence, sexual misconduct, bullying, and any kind of sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse.

Kiosk Radio may take action in its discretion to address any individual(s) or group(s) it believes fail to meet the standards set forth in this code of conduct, including, but not limited to, restricting access and refusing service to the violating parties.

This code of conduct is applied to everyone related to our radio, our team, artists, partners, as well as our audience. It is a work-in-progress that enriches itself through conversation among everyone involved.

If you believe you’ve witnessed or experienced any violation of this code of conduct, or wish to give us any feedback, please talk to a member of our bar staff, or contact us at