Todorec Show
First Friday of the month | 4pm CET

Todorecto Records is a Brussels label with an Art Nouveau aesthetic. Each project of the label is born from a vegetal inspiration. The label wants to develop hybrid music, moving between musical movements, metamorphic with an identity always in connection with its locality. The label was born out of the desire of DJ Lux18 and Antoine 80 to bring a new point of view to the Brussels electronic music landscape. This will be done by an alliance of local and international artists, where the cultural link operates through the different creations. Very inspired by the UK scene, Todorecto wants to go fast, or slow but never in half measure. This rhythmic bias is becoming, according to them, preponderant in the renewal of the approach to clubbing. The two lads mainly come from the party scene, so they have a will to feed it , but not only that... The label hosts a show on Kiosk Radio with a different relationship to listening and perception of sound.

Place des Palais 10
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels-Capital Region
City of Brussel

Kiosk Radio is supported by City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region.