Outsiders: Skupina x mappa
Outsiders: Skupina x mappa

The June mixtape is carried by an unusually quiet spirit. Through the attentive ear of Tomáš Šenkyřík, we are treated to the soundscapes of floodplain forests and wetlands slowly echoing in the morning song of the chiffchaff. On the album "Ma," Manja RIstić invites us to discover the often unseen connections of our world through the sounds of its everyday fragments, followed by in-situ recordings of folk music from the pioneer of Romanian ethnography, Constantin Brăiloiu. This is all complemented by new releases from our own as well as our favourite labels such as NEXT Festival Records, Pointless Geometry, Mondoj, and many more.

Tomáš Šenkyřík - Waiting for the Song (self-released, 2024) Modrá - Afternoon Ultramarine (Ta naše jediná a nejlepší) (Infinite Expanse, 2024) Earth Trax - Dream I (Balmat, 2024) FOQL - Living in the lair (self released, 2024) aheloy! - s-nin (Discos Extendes, 2024) Manja Ristić - full moon trembles on the surface of the creek (LINE, 2024) The Archival Recordings of Constantin Brãiloiu, 1913-1953 - Side B (Death Is Not The End, 2024) Czarnoziem - Zrywki drew (Gusstaff Records / Don't Sit On My Vinyl, 2024) Alley Catss - Heel (mappa, 2024) Dawno Temu - OLIBANUM NOTE (Pointless Geometry, 2024) dj snork - best yet (Pep Gaffe, 2024) Antonina Nowacka - Field Vision (Mondoj, 2024) Anthony Junkoid - Drum Vision 6 (система, 2024) Áron Porteleki & Tom Mudd - Eleven Tension (NEXT Festival Records, 2024) martin burlas/ dorminal - fallin' (self released, 2024)