Night on Earth w/ Tzii
Night on Earth w/ Tzii

Night On Earth show comes from the vault of the structure/label of the same name. The point is to present the dj skills of Tzii, but also sometimes bringing guests who are usually on the label as well, but not only. The main purpose is to have a specific thematic each time, always a different. It can be a focus on microlabels, or a focus on a certain music genre, or on a certain musician, network, etc.

LE MATIN: Pool LE MATIN: Déluge SECTEURFLECHE: Une Active Indétermination LE MATIN: Photovoltaïque TOO SMOOTH CHRIST: Arrival At Caninia PANOPTIQUE: Objectif Jeune LE MATIN: Metastasis RECOU FUTUR: Love Across An Ocean Ridge UJ BALA: Non Dialog ANTIKTEETH: Paris In Cold Therapy MUSIQUE CHIENNE: Les Amis POPERTTELLI: Antipop LE MATIN: Droguelike BEAR BONES, LAY LOW: High Wolf LEO HOFFSAES: Search Party RECOU FUTUR: Il y a encore de la lumière dehors TERRINE: My Bob Vé LUMPEX: Sleeping In The Shadow Of The Lump CARRAGEENAN: Dirty Mouth NRAN GUYNE: Dragged Across Concrete CRANKY BOW: Enter The Bow GUILIN: Foot TABULA NUL: Entendre Encore MAD PROCESSOR: Malaise Innatendu DANSE MUSIQUE RHONE-ALPES: A2 au passage OD BONGO: Wisdom Chalice UNCLEAN: Djaune TZII: A Small, Joyless, Clompetely Meaningless to anyone else smile flickered TZII: La répression NUANCES D'ENGRAIS: Hold Buffer Underflow