Cheyanne Hudson
Cheyanne Hudson

Cheyanne Hudson is a very eclectic dj who makes it her mission to always stay true to hiphop. She spices up her sets by blending hiphop and trap with bass-infused electronic music, captivating her crowd with her energetic and spontaneous track selection.

1 Dub System Bukkha 2 Gun Walk Scratcha DVA 3 Mershedeïz Zwangere Guy, Blu Samu 4 African Swag Taly & Smith 5 Fever Little Simz 6 Muhammad Ali (Original Mix) Scratcha DVA, Lady Lykez 7 Work JME 8 Hurdy Gurdy Big Narstie. Sir Spyro 9 No Sleep Skepta 10 Split-Screen Paris Texas 11 DZ7 Jlz 12 Don't stop don't miss BastienGOAT 13 Gold Conducta, BIJI 14 Freedom 2 Kwengface, Joy Orbison, Overmono 15 OG Beeper A$AP Rocky 16 Bend that thang BastienGOAT 17 Tachyon Particles Amor Satyr, Siu Mata 18 94mmc Hermeth 19 Tuka Same O, Amor Satyr 20 RSN Cassius Select 21 soulboy (IZCO Remix) p-rallel, Greentea Peng, IZCO 22 Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall Nia Archives 23 Marathon (Groves Remix) Samurai Breaks, Groves 24 B2TB FALSE PERSONA 25 Dem Ah Sleep Bukkha , Dubbing Sun, Rider Shafique 26 Windswept (Sully Fader Mix) Sully, Tim Reaper 27 Manny Ravers Sl8r , Samurai Breaks 28 Imperial Skeptical 29 Down 4 Clipz 30 Options Ivy Lab 31 Dilemma Nelly, Kelly Rowland