Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Riposte & Lola
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Riposte & Lola

Demord's guest of the month is Lola, a Parisian hidden gem who has the secret to mixing all kinds of music that you can listen to lying down. Demord's own Riposte takes care of the first hour.

Jan Hassel - Blues Nile Jezzreel - All Depends On You New Age Steppers - Dreamers Ennio Morricone - Il Diavolo Nel Cervello The Velvet Underground - I’m Stucking With You Philipp Otterbach - Small Town Nights Rhytm & Sound - What A Mistry Feat Paul St Hilaire Bonjour Tristesse - Partner In Crime Javier Segura - Malagueñas 2 Suicide - Hey Lord Abschaum - Dans Tes Pas Alice Coltrane - Charanam Hanini - Allaoui Sade - Turn My Back On You White Pain - A Kick In Your Minid Votu - Cannibales Julos Beaucarne - Le Constructeur Et Pagodes (edit) Ramuntcho Matta - Before Sunrise Mother Gong - Water Bill Nelson - Falling Blossoms Clara Mondshine - Lo And Li Jean Vasca - Un Cri Hante La Mémoire Du Monde The Disciples - Kheops Julos Beaucarne - Peut-on Peindre La Mer En Son Entier? Laurent Pernice & Jacques Barbéri - Waterbed Phil Struck - Blau Und Unverhofft Burnt Friedman - Body Language Magnetik North - Fuck The Napkin Laurent Pernice & Jacques Barbéri - Oiseaux-miroirs Palace of pleasure - Release The Pleasure Syrofoam - If You Tell Me The Truth I Will Kill You Jean Vasca - Le Grand Froid Siglo XX - Some Have a Laughter Mekanik Kommando - Run Rintintin Run