Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Yolek & Delphine Demord
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Yolek & Delphine Demord

This month, Delphine from Demord Enregistrements invites Yolek from Lausanne. Member of “La Sacrée Déter, Yolek is organizing parties with passion on the top of the Swiss mountain.

Winter is back, and you need to bless yourself. Delphine will take care of your little broken-frozen heart with soft but weirdo downtempo tracks, french neo-folk songs, kraut-cosmic stuffs and depitched chamanic tracks.

Take a breath of ranvinstara oil and enjoy december !

1st hour : Delphine Demord The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Opening Titles Le Diable Dégoûtant - La Fontaine Noire 75 Dollar Bill - 15 (Yasi) Dijit - Dream of a Bee Decha - RO_2 The Threshold Houseboys Choir - As X is to Geff The Pilotwings - Flacon d’émotion Sara Persico - Exit Kevin Richard Martin - Cynthia’s passing Anadol - Gizli Duygular Death Comet Crew - Run Map Goth-Trad - Amazon Killing Joke - Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix) 2nd hour : Yolek The Threshold Houseboys Choir - A time of happening Iron Sight - Gods Eyes Simo Cell - prelude to a quest Laughing Ears - Inertia Tom E. Vercetti x Chemist - Chasing a Ghost Stigma - Believe in me FL Ophélie - Sulky Slug Elvin Brandhi & Lord Spikeheart - do you like feeling awakeee33 cult8 again Gyur - DeT00 Phil in a Maze - Share the Snare Spectre - The hate that hate produced Björk - Army of Me (Masseymix) MC Yallah & Lord Spikeheart - No one seems to bother Yssue - cantsemee Voldslokka - Helvete Ser Pa