Outsiders: OTOROKU w/ Caius Williams
Outsiders: OTOROKU w/ Caius Williams

OTOROKU celebrates the release of bassist Caius Williams' debut solo 'Gwannach', a series of double bass improvisations and compositions released digitally and on cassette.

Based in London, Williams has a varied practice including improvised music, electronic music, and projects exploring experimental approaches to composition. He's also been running and curating the ‘grain’ residency for improvised and experimental music at Avalon Cafe in Bermondsey for the last few years.

- Joe McPhee / Lasse Marhaug - Harmonia Macrocosmica (AFJ) - Mosspit - Stoke Flat Mistake/Tollund Man (Live at Reference Point, OrbWeavers) - Cecil Taylor - Indent, 1/2 of First Layer, 2nd 1/2 of First Layer ('Solo', TRIO Recordings) - Evan Parker / Paul Lytton - Cats Flux (Collective Calls, OTOROKU) - Unknown/Akazehe Singers - A Song of Greeting - Unknown - Untitled - feeo - iknowyouwill (Twin System) - Caius Williams / Alex Ward - Live at GRAIN (unreleased) - Han Bennink / Steve Noble - Live at Cafe Oto 18.8.17 - This Heat - A New Kind of Water (Live 80/81) - Æthenor - One Number of Destiny in Ninety-Nine (En form For Blå, VHF124) - Theodora Laird/Alex Lyon/Tom Morley/Vincent Curson Smith - Live at GRAIN (unreleased) - Cecil Taylor - “Second Act of A” Vol.1 (Nuits De La Fondation Maeght, RCA) - Tom Challenger - Inside (unreleased) - Tara Cunningham - Brace Brace (Silence and Noise) - Lee Ranaldo - Time Stands Still/Ouroboron (From Here to Infinity) - feeo - Heavy as a Birthright (unreleased) - Flaming Tunes - The Best Weapon (Flaming Tunes, SV170) - Caius Williams - Solo Improvisation at Somerset House (Unreleased) - Regan Bowering - Live at GRAIN - josiane pozi - eL (XIV) - Ornette Coleman - Dawn (At the Golden Circle, Blue Note) - Cecil Taylor - Solo Piano at Ornette Coleman’s Memorial - Caius Williamse - Untitled - György Ligeti - Étude No. 2: “Cordes à vide” (performed by Thomas Hell) - Tom Challenger/Dominik Kosztolánszki - Parotides (To Where’s In Three, GRAIN) - John Tchicai - Inside Thule (Cadentia Nova Danica, Black Lion Vault Remastered)