Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine Demord & Juna XXL
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine Demord & Juna XXL

The first hour of Demord’s Outsiders show is a recording from Delphine Demord at “Les Merguez Electroniques” - a festival at UNESCO site “Les Murs à Pêches”. A mix of some of her favorite tracks, from rock and ambient to heavy and dubby noisy tunes.

Second hour is a mix by French activist and DIY artist Juna XXL. He’s involved in various projects, i.a. Gofildren festival, radio project Ondorphine, Editentites label and Lyl Paris. He delivers a mix between gloomy atmospheres for sad trolls and steady heavy rhythm for melancholic goblins. An hour of browsing a bizarre dub repertoire, downtempoish drums and distorted guitars.

1st hour : Delphine Demord Cranes - Beach Mover Erick - All The Weird Men Buena Tarde - Hongo Kevin Richard Martin - Slum King Philosophy Major - 50 Kilos Of Uncut Metropoline Teledubgnosis - Operator Manual The Golden Palominos - Prison of the Rhythm (Exuberance is beauty mix) - Edit Jonquera - Plastique Exotica Leslie Winner - Dream 1 Modern English - Drawing Man Dead Sea Apes - Rectifier Buena Tarde - ZUBADUB Goth-Trad - Sunbeam LSN - Blood Money The Bug - Limbo (Lust and Paralysis) 2nd hour : Juna XXL Junio XL - Feelings Hardcore (2023 version) Dub Tractor - 50 Hz Guitar Earthling - You Go On Natural (Tokyo Mobile Music version) John Lydon - Psychopath (Leftfield Remix #1) Akio Nagase - Makedub Celtic Cross - Hicksville Quirk - Haile Senseitive The Umlauts - Remedy Song (gentle stranger Remix) El Niño diablo - Unchained Colorist - Faust ( Toulouse Low Trax remix) Automatic - Signal (Maral Remix) Jonnnah x Salma Rosa - Idle Time Ramuntcho Matta - Oil and Canvas