Night On Earth w/ Tzii
Night On Earth w/ Tzii

Night On Earth show comes from the vault of the structure/label of the same name. The point is to present the dj skills of Tzii, but also sometimes bringing guests who are usually on the label as well, but not only. The main purpose is to have a specific thematic each time, always a different. It can be a focus on microlabels, or a focus on a certain music genre, or on a certain musician, network, etc.

JOHN CARPENTER: Arrival At The Library (OST Escape from New-York) SQUADRA BLANCO: Theme From The Forgotten Cable Car CALIMEX MENTAL IMPLANT CORP: Like a Futuristic Science Building PETER PETER: Met A Ghost (OST Copenhagen Cowboy) FRANCESCO CLEMENTE: Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre FLORENZA MAVELLI: Tragic Days Of The Special Brigade UNIT BLACK FLIGHT: Running On The Edge CLIFF MARTINEZ: Neon Demon (OST Neon Demon) PYE CORNER AUDIO: The Black Mill Video Tape COLLEGE: Gate Number 5 SQUADRA BLANCO: Purification The City Shall Burn Tonight CHINO AMOBI: Blackout THREE WINTERS: At The Centre Of Dystopia UNIT BLACK FLIGHT: Count Your Encounters KID MACHINE: Return To space KID MACHINE: Night Freaks (Vocal) Excerpt from Escape From New-York - John Carpenter CLIFF MARTINEZ: Affected Cities (OST Contagion) ORBITAL: Pay Me The Money (OST Pusher) LAZER CRYSTAL: Love Rhombus