Outsiders: Skupina x mappa
Outsiders: Skupina x mappa

If there is a genre of music that can be labeled as „Central European“ or „Eastern European,“ then Adela Mede, a sound artist from Slovakia and Hungary, is considered its queen. Through her music, she brings hope, faith, and beauty to the increasingly bleak regions of Europe. The kaleidoscopic multifaceted worlds of the Polish artist paszka acome to life with the voice of annie grr. It's great fun with a melancholic summer vibe. Czech sound artist Tomáš Knoflíček has created a new world of fascinating organic architecture, filled with crackling, juicy, and liquid sounds reminiscent of his debut album on the LOM label. We also dive into the minimalist, slightly droning, and slightly baroque environment of Petra Hermanova cathedral's folk music. Finally, listen to the anti-Europocentric mad tuning of the Hungarian supergroup Decolonize Your Mind Society.

Adela Mede - Nestoj Nado Mnou (ft. Wojciech Rusin) (2023, mappa, Warm Winters Ltd.) Sign Libra - Le Chat (2023, RVNG Intl.) Andra Ljos - Artanish Bay (2023, Not Not Fun Records) Dir - Świtezianka (2023, Opus Elefantum) ania grr, paszka - mino woli UwU (2023, self-released) Figūras - Fig. 11 (2023, ONO) Tomáš Knoflíček - Becoming Past (2023, laaps) Olga Czech - sen powoli (2023, BAS) timmi - Kyrieleison (2023, Řehole, Stoned to Death) Petra Hermanova - Marrow Embers (2023, Unguarded MMXXIII) mu tate - frank's hublots (2023, Utter) Dirty Electronics & Oliver Torr - notim321 (2023, Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux) Decolonize Your Mind Society - How I Learnt To Fly In A Dove's Dream (2023, Hunnia Records﹠Film Production) Miroslav Tóth - Nespustená atómová elektráreň Zwentendorf / Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Station That Was Never Put Into Operation (2023, NEXT Festival Records) David Toop & Avsluta - Haunted Tape Found in the Attic, All Covered in Dirt and Spells (2023, NEXT Festival Records) - excerpt (2023, self-released) Tomáš Niesner - Awaiting the Tide (2023, World, out of this) HMOT - Ay Qoyaşqa Äylände (Lä) (2023, unreleased)