Outsiders: Skupina x mappa
Outsiders: Skupina x mappa

Summer is at its halfway and here Skupina & Mappa bring you another palette of new music from the other side of Europe.

The opening track by PFC Timur Dzhafarov, a.k.a. John Object, recorded near the frontlines at Bakhmut reminds us that despite the summer sun, there is still a war against humanity going on, where brave Ukrainians are fighting for the freedom of us all.

Chains by, for devoted listeners, Svitlana Nianio and Tom James Scott blends a delicate collection of intimated piano compositions with the beauty of Nianio’s voice. Saša Spačal, a Slovenian post-media artist, uses sonification to explore the biological processes of human intervention due to nitrogen fertilisation.

Lucia Vítková's Inside the Ritual takes us into the late warm summer evenings of southern Slovakia. On the contrary, Zaumne invites us to dreamscapes on his new album Parfum, of which fragments show up here and there in tracks drenched in weary pop sunk in the elegance of surrealism.

John Object – vomit the heart forget the mind (self-released, 2023) Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott - Chains (Skire, 2023) Miaux – “22h44” (Edições CN, 2023) Martin Zvěřina – I (dao) (self-released, 2023) Zaumne – Éther (sferic, 2023) Piotr Kurek – Smartwoods (Unsound, 2023) Liis Ring – Languages of Love (Õunaviks, 2023) Fattyú – Értékes rakomány (Kajdum's Tower, 2023) julek ploski – Serduszko (feat. galen tipton) (Orange Milk Records, 2023) rec - where i wanna be (self-released, 2023) NIS - SOL 1 (Antenna Non Grata, 2023) Saša Spačal I Agapea – Slicing 01 (Kamizdat, 2023) Lucie Vítková – Inside the Ritual (mappa & Skupina, 2023) T'ien Lai – SMZS II (Nomad Sky Diaries - Sky Burial, 2023) Andriy Kostyukov – shelest dub pt.1 (surf, 2023) BoLs/sLoB – Water Vapour (Soul Feeder, 2023)