Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Le Dogue & Riposte
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Le Dogue & Riposte

Le Dogue is a French DJ, producer and a member of the band Cerbère. Cerbère is a trio of huge Sludge and doom music. Le Dogue is also a resident of the parisian radio Station Station.

He’s got a monthly show, playing music from ambient, drone music to metal or post-punk. He also has residence in Chair De Poule, lovely night parisian night bar. Baptiste offers us a folk and acoustic music for the second hour.

Riposte plays a selecta between dub, old folk and new projects from theses days from France.

Riposte Roland Bocquet - Paradia Veronique Chalot - Chant de la montagne Froid Dub - The Conference Holy Tongue - Threshing Floor The Ace Of Cups - Music Le Club Des Gens Spéciaux - The last and the first Omertà - La Chambre de la Fumée et des Fleurs Citron Citron - Tu m’as réveillé.e dans mon sommeil Paul Roland - Wyndham Hil Jah Wobble - Eastl Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Xauen Ivory Playground - Ivory Playground Yeun Elez - A Wisp Of Straw Le Dogue FRANÇOIS MUDUGA - Chant Avec Cithare COMORIAN - The Devil Doesn't Eat Papaya, He Eats Fire HOWE GELB - Temptation of Egg SEBADOH - Total Peace CECIL BARFIELD - Lucy Mae Blues KEVIN COYNE - Need Somebody NICK DRAKE - Road JACKSON C. FRANK - My Name Is Carnival JUDY COLLINS - Sailor's Life MYRIAM GENDRON - Ballade of A Great Weariness HOWE GELB - This Purple Child EMMANUELLE PARRENIN - Dulcimer THE MICROPHONES - The Moon CINDYTALK - Hush