Outsiders: Darker Than Wax w/ Strange Weather ft. Aalely & Kindergarchy
Outsiders: Darker Than Wax w/ Strange Weather ft. Aalely & Kindergarchy

This second edition of Darker Than Wax with Strange Weather, A’alely invites Amanda Rizkita, better known as Kindergarchy.

Treading the delicate balance between delirium and order, Kindergarchy invites you to tip-toe-dance through a selection of pseudo-cinematic delights, muddled rhythms, and experimental minimalism.

Tracklist (track name, artist, album) Aalely - 00:00:00 onwards 1. Qián 乾 - Iona Fortune (Tao of I, Optimo Music) 2. Panceg - Sundanese Rebab Ensemble & Fahmi Mursyid 3. Bulukumba - Ganrang Percussion Group & Fahmi Mursyid 4. La Chambre de la Fumée et des Fleur - Omertà (Collection Particulière, zamzamrec) 5. Internetcafé - Das Kinn (Self Titled/die Knochen, Mangel Records) 6. Hamil Daripada Golek - Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu with Group Uang Wayang of Palembang (1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Government) 7. Kodok - Gagu (Kodok, Lucas Abela / Justice Yeldham / dualpLOVER) 8. Restore - Lyra Pramuk and Rani Jambak 9. L.A. Desert - Pablo’s Eye (Dark Matter, 10. Oedipa Maas Y Los Àtomos - Bassæ - V/A Bureau B (Kiosque Of Arrows 2 compiled by Tolouse Low Trax) 11. A2 Crocodile Skin Shoes - Naomie Klaus (Story of a Global Disease, Teenage Menopause Rds) 12. Prometheus - Veslemes (Pigeon Post Knossos, WNTN4, WON TON RECORDS) 13. der könig muss weg - oba boba & die abgründe (durchgehend happy hour, seafood records) 14. Metaclaw (Gilbert Cohen Remix) - Beck, Nash, Reyenga (Metaclaw, Offen Music) Including excerpts of Intro - BOO HISS (PSYCHE BIRDS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Deathbomb Arc) , 2. Star, Layl, Eva / 22. Layl, Nea, Sri, Nyata / 3. Kiko - Raung Jagat Synthetic (Synthetic Vocabulary, Prakarsa) Tracklist (track name, artist, album) Kindergarchy - 00:50:33 onwards 15. Lodgikal Nonsense - Plastikman (Artifakts, M/nus) 16. Longing - Beatrice Dillon (Blues Dances, Where To Now?) 17. Shape in The Pond - Memotone (Clever Dog, Accidental Meetings) 18. mercuryfall - Haruomi Hosono (The Endless Talking, Monad Records) 19. The Far Out Son of Lung and The Ramblings of A Madman - The Future Sound of London (ISDN, Virgin) 20. Cimetière Des Innocents - Hieroglyphic Being, J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl (We Are Not The First, Rvng Intl.) 21. Dissolve Into The Night - Bear Bones, Lay Low (Plafond 3, BAKK) 22. Phrack - Benedikt Frey (1987, R.I.O.) 23. Hypno - Beesmunt Soundsystem (Fragments 4, Hivern Discs) 24. Test 2 - Roman Flügel (Acid Test, Running Back Double Copy) 25. Barrow Boot Boys - Helena Hauff (Qualm, Ninja Tune) 26. Tar - Priori presents RED (Nigh, Garmo) 27. Chlorine - Carrier (Lazy Mechanics, The Trilogy Tapes) 28. Cognitive Dissonance - Walter Gross (Try Try Try Cognitive Dissonance, RAAR) 29. Teenage Vomit - Randstad (Stranded, Pinkman)