Outsiders: Skupina x mappa
Outsiders: Skupina x mappa

The May first mixtape opens with an intimate archival recording from the 1970s by an anonymous Czech outsider-folk singer who calls for an immediate end to animal cruelty. Around the constant repetition of a fragment from a poem by the anti-fascist Spanish poet Miguel Hernández, Katya Shirshkova and Yura Kuznetsov gradually deconstructs their composition.

Liis Ring's pulsating ambient questions the true meaning of home, while the wailing sound of Elina Bolshenkova's accordion in On Hold is a testament to its true worth. Brno's Sky to Speak creates miniatures that move in between library music and tropicalia in their song Feather Palms. All of this wrapped in a freshly released field recording featuring the works of Belgrade-born Manja Ristić, Toronto-based Alëna Korolëva and Prague-Berlin duo Veronika Svobodová and Pia Achternkamp.

Alëna Korolëva - Marble Route (self-released, 2023) One of You - A Cow's Song (Little Axe Records, 2014) Fæ Bestia - CHIMERA (self-released, 2023) Elina Bolshenkova - On Hold (Infant Tree, 2023) Liis Ring - after-image I: nothing stands still (Breton Cassette and Canigou Records, 2023) Luurel Varas - 2000W (Crash Symbols, 2023) Kronom - Crimson Landslide (self-released, 2023) Sky to Speak - Feather Palms (XION, 2023) Saphileaum- Dear (Good Morning Tapes, 2023) Manja Ristić - I'm plucking trapped air (LINE, 2023) Katya Shirshkova, Yura Kuznetsov - And everyone else is also groping in the dark (self-released, 2023) Maryana Klochko - Kvity (kulturamedialna, 2022) Veronika Svobodová & Pia Achternkamp - And sometimes it was foggy (Crystal Mine, 2023) Wacław Zimpel - Phantom Paradise (state51, 2023)