Outsiders: Radio Banda Larga w/ Stefania Vos
Outsiders: Radio Banda Larga w/ Stefania Vos

Southern-born, Turin based Stefania Vos has been spinning as a DJ, radio host and producer, and community agitator for over half a decade. A core member of Turin-born international community radio RBL.MEDIA, she's also one third of Non Frequenze Festival’s curatorial board and co-founder of Imbarchino del Valentino, one of Northern Italy’s most active venues for contemporary and independent electronic, experimental and underground music.

The mix is a personal sonic depiction of intimacy; A slow and suspended voyage through nocturnal listenings, collaging the suspended and at times uncanny atmospheres of half-sleep states and the blissful moments of surrender to the quiet beauty of simple things, like looking at the dust shimmering in the air against the sunlight while listening to music.

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