Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine Demord, Catherine Danger & Paroi
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine Demord, Catherine Danger & Paroi

Highlights on Demord's favorite duo : Catherine Danger & Paroi. They met around a Slayer track on New Year's Eve, 3 years ago. After a few gigs together and a few badly tentative of recordings, they finally have proof of the existence of their mysterious collaboration ! Expect some weirdo and experimental electronic, hip-hop and bass music.

Delphine will take care of the first hour. She is in a vaporous mood and provides a selecta of deep emotional songs, bizarre rock, soft wave tracks with raw lyrics, dubby atmosphere and slow tunes.

First Hour : Delphine Demord Golden Palominos - Victim OSCOB - Take care, it’s a desert out there Bowery Electric - Empty Words Commodo - Slushbox Fiesta en el Facio - Not Now DsorDNE - Emoraggia Sensoriale Scanner - Lacuna OSCOB - Дажьбо́г Officium - With Another Now (Ft. Catherine Danger) Zillas on Acid - A Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club (Fantastic Twins Remix) Ogma - Toad Lickers, Dawn Bringers Catherine Jauniaux with Tim Hodgkinson - Copul’s Humus Next hour : Catherine Danger & Paroi Gossiwor - Oceana pt1 Heith - Dero Iceboy violet - Are U connected Semionauta - Mortem Sui Moor mother & Yatta - More Racine - Mon amour je ne guéris jamais Squarepusher - Splack Soul Collector - Slow Throat Kinlaw & Franco franco - CGI World Ailie Ormston and Tim Fraser - Drone Mistake 2 John T. Gast - Sedna MOBBS - Magneto Epsilove & Player fower - auguries of innocence ZULI - Your Tracks Are Too Short The bug - Executor Muslimgauze - Eleven Minarets Part 4 700 bliss - More victories Axel Larsen - Dans la peau d'un Simplist Unglee Izi - mother stars Produkt - Re-Trip