Joe Delon
Joe Delon

Joe’s greatest satisfaction as a DJ comes from linking the elements of dance music’s past – disco breaks, Chicago basslines, the funk of electro and the bittersweet touch of Italo – with the best of its vivid present, to create moments of pure pop catharsis. Agnostic about genre and evangelical about anything that moves him, Joe has established a reputation for being singularly, defiantly himself. This honest approach, cultivated through residencies at Spaced and Dust Off, has brought Joe to prime-time slots at Berghain/Panoramabar, The Pickle Factory, Closer, Renate, K4 and Dimensions Festival. He’s also a regular at queer parties, such as Adonis, Pumping Velvet, Honcho, Kiss Me Again and El Cuerpo Del Disco. Welt Discos, Joe’s label, is a platform for music that’s playfully serious and seriously playful. Alongside vinyl releases by friends and other artists he admires, the label has also become home to a series of one-off digital releases raising money for charitable organisations.

Closet Yi – X Dots [More Rice, 2020] Beppe Loda – Elettronica Virtuale (Ivan Berko Remix) [Sonic Dream, 2023] GIDEÖN – The West Bank [Homo-Centric, 2023] Tape Hiss – W 4th Street [Darker Than Wax, 2023] Nathan Pinder – Sonic X [Arcadia Sounds, 2022] Man Power – Blood Money Power (No Talkin’ Mix) [MeMeMe, 2022] Pierlo – Recreational (July 1983) [Distant Future, 2022] Go Dam – I’m Not Glad To See You [More Rice, 2020] Orion Agassi – Corner Bodega Jam [Ritmo Astral, 2020/Huntleys & Palmers, 2022] Strand Meets Optic Nerve – Strand Meets Optic Nerve [Puzzlebox, 2021] Jesse You – Silly And Bright [Walls And Pals, 2022] Datassette – Mannequin On The Run [Datassette, 2023/Rebel Intelligence, 2017] DJ City – All-Night Vigil [DJ City, 2016/2023] Sterac – Sheherezade (Reprise) [Urban Sound Of Amsterdam, 1997] Datassette – Madonna Acid [Datassette, 2023]