Outsiders: Sdban Records
Outsiders: Sdban Records
Contemporary Jazz

After highlighting the Sdban Ultra label in the latest episode with new releases, this time around the label puts the classics in the spotlight.

Deep in the Sdban vaults, they found some of the last copies of their favorite Sdban compilations and releases. Expect music from the likes of Placebo, Raphaël, Jack Sels, René Costy and more.

René Costy - Ostinato Bass System Love - System Love Chakachas - Stories Golden Hands - Take Me Back Lamp & Lazerus - Onheil Rayon Laser - Funky Meteor Placebo - Balek Kiosk - Mona Call René Costy & His Orchestra - Scrabble Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orchestra - Librium André Van Der Veken - Jimmy The Soul Scratchers - Scratch My Back (pt. 1 & 2) Roland Thyssen - Riff For Peggy Plus - Put Everything Together S.S.O. - Faded Lady (Instrumental) René Costy - Danger Raphaël - Archangelo The Clouds - Cecilia Brussels Art Quintet - Vas-y Voir Saxorama & Jack Sels - Minor 5 Babs Robert - Pro Forma I Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men - Pathetic Dreams Placebo - S.U.S. Electronic System III - Skylab
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