Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Riposte & Guivarch 98
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Riposte & Guivarch 98

Demord dedicates this month's installment to rock music with guest and long-time friend Guivarch 98, who'll be delivering an hour of heavy Rock, Oi! punk, garage and hardrock 70’.

The first hour is managed by their very own Riposte, showing the gentle side of rock mixed with dubby vibes and weird chansons.

Riposte Neizih Uzel & Kudsî Ergumer -Dostun Senden Irak Degil & Ben Melamet Hirkasini Roots Radics - Headlamp Dub Bim Sherman & Singers & Players - Run Them Away Coil - Exploding Frogs Oscar Brown Junior - Afro - Blue Fred A - November Fleetwood Mac - When You Say Areski - Chanson Pour Sa Mère Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby Guivarch 98 SIDA - Commercial A PLACE TO BURY STRANGER - Look me in the eye THE INTELLIGENCE - The receptionist AMYL AND THE SNIFERS - Balaclava lover boogie LOUDER THAN DEATH - Long N’Wavy JACK OF HEART - Petrus Complain 6 Ft HICK - The Glue in Yours Locks HATES - No Talk In The 80s GROUND ZERO - Ground Zero THE VENUS FLY TRAP - Desolation Railway THE EX - The Sky Is Blue Again RED ALERT - Rebels in Society DMZ - Busy Man THE SPITS - Black Car WAR IN YOUTH - Embodied Salvation CHAOS UK - Too Cool For School, Too Stupid For The Real World BART AND THE BRATS - Mental Case CONFLICT - Against All Odds FLEAS AND LICE - Prepare For Armageddon SUBDUED - War Cry JUDICIARY - Zero Hour JUDICIARY - War (Time is Nigh) MOTORHEAD - Emergency SAXON - Call Of The Wild MOTORHEAD - One Track Mind