Outsiders: Nous'klaer w/ Memories through Melodies by Yb3L
Outsiders: Nous'klaer w/ Memories through Melodies by Yb3L

"Recently, my parents moved from Amsterdam to a quiet village away from the city and therefore also away from where I grew up. Before, my childhood always felt close and tangible, just visiting my parents, walking through the old neighbourhood and it's like you've never left.

It sometimes feels crazy that that time will never come back but through music I often bring this feeling back a little. So this has become the theme of my mix, a kind of ode to that time, with music I got to know through my parents. All this in a 'modern' jacket to suit me as Yb3L"

Catchupa Guizod - Kems Kriol Dogma - Objekt + Aria Math - C418 Barune (Mystic Frog) - Taras Bulba + There Ain’t Nothing It’s Just Pai... - Lorn Isaias Thunder - A Strange Wedding + The Little Fete - Vangelis [1979] Stay Let’s Together - Lurka + Simplicity Mind Tool - Ami Dang Timbo’s March - Mm + Fink vs Dj Ali-cat - Fink [2000] Sheveck’s Theory - Flytipper Don’t - Batu Air Portrait - Tristan Arp Detraction - Stenny Even There - Batu Narcissus - Herman Grasha Razz - Isabassi Tons Sem - Toma Kami & Sene A Forest - The Cure [1970] Wrong places - Jack Zade + 22 (OVER SooooN) - Bon Iver Included short snippets 00:00 - 00:56 Mama - Zucchero [2004] 07:59 - 09:00 Heaven’s Only Wishful - MorMor 26:14 - 27:41 Money for Nothing - Dire Straits [1985] 45:33 - 47:30 A place - Nils Frahm