Outsiders: Radio Banda Larga w/ JacqNoise & Ctrl_Alt_Dlt
Outsiders: Radio Banda Larga w/ JacqNoise & Ctrl_Alt_Dlt

Kicking off our Sunday broadcast with a double bill for Radio Banda Larga’s Outsiders residency.

First hour is a mix by hardware sound architect JacqNoise, deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. This set is a collection of tracks from musicians taking part to Music Hackers Lab at CTM Festival in Berlin.

Second hour is a mix by Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, a Berlin-based pioneer with Detroit roots active for over 20 years. His sets ride the fine line between techno and house, consisting of cerebral, psychedelic tracks that wring maximal power from minimal elements.

JacqNoise Kei Watanabe - Wild Flowers, We dont grow in labs Kei Watanabe - A whole in my heart Grau& Memoirama - Tiga Kirreal - 0x93_DEC_21 Kirreal- Iprint Verónica Mota- NIHIl Verónica Mota- Her last breat was death Carnalina- Never apart Mr Pigeons- Bread Su Dance110- Yellow skin Su Dance110- Imagining ghost AXL OTL- Pavero Solo Simon- Blaublau Seite B1 Peter Kirn - Human mutations Peter Kirn - Intimacy in a fluid world KEIL- Second wave Peter Kirn - 4Q246 Quadarny Ctrl_Alt_DIt Pîrvu - în fat ca petele [Club Guesthouse] Camelia - Wingspan [Joule] Unknown Artist - Untitled B - [Owl] Ilario Liburni - Indistre [Memoria] Athena - Enceladus D - [Olympos] Dan Piu - Imagined Automata [Duckit] RQZ - Temple Drum [Sous Vide Records] Cleveland - Trullo [Kalahari Oyster Cult] Faster - Contactless [SCI + Tec Vinyl Audio] Dieter Vorderhake - Liroconite [twtsm records] J Gabriel & Connie Yin - State of Mind (Diego Krause Rmx) [Moteur Ville Musique] OdD - Pythagorean [OdD Music] Martinesque - Watercourse [Adams Bite]