Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Saint-Georges & Riposte
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Saint-Georges & Riposte

Saint-Georges and Riposte met each other during a pagan day where alcohol, drugs and blaze are the way of living. For the begining of summer they imagine a soundtrack for dawn on the beach, in the mountains or fucked-up on a sofa. A perfect blend of kraut folk, post punk, dreamy ambient to get you through Monday.

First hour - Riposte Current 93 - Where The Long Shadows Fall Fabio Viscogliosi - Where The Long Shadows Fall Isabelle Mayereau- Orange Bleu Tindersticks - Nénette S'en Va Chrome - Static Gravity Invaders From The Heart - Lam Phouthay Dance Mix Violeta Parra - Arriba quemando el sol Sanford Clark - It's nothing to me Amon Düül II - Morning Excuse Adjeef The Poet - Iekk, i'm a freak Sergius Golowin - Die weisse Alm Cranes - Rainbows Spacemen 3 -Transparent radiation (flashback) Second hour - Saint-Georges THE DEAD C - Head WALL OF VODOO - Two minutes till lunch KASTRIERTE PHILOSOPHEN - por que lloras birds of paradise DRY CLEANING - Traditional fish SlINT - Breadcrumb Trail SEAM -Which way to go DEAN BLUNT - 50 CENT UNREST - afternoon train HTRK - sunlight feels like bee stings STEREOLAB - spinal column BROADCAST - living room SIXTOO - sidewinders THE HELIOCENTRICS - The history of LSD LYDIA LUNCH - I love you how JON BRION - little person