Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ Joris Perdieus
Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ Joris Perdieus
Field recording

This month's guest for Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities is visual artist, scenographer and sound designer Joris Perdieus.

Joris looks for, and investigates, points of contact between installation art, theater and scenography. Gradually he discovered the performative aspects in his way of working, they increasingly became the central subject of his method, which is distinctively cross-disciplinary.

Joris made two parts for this radio show, each exactly one hour long. First up is 'Sonic Psychogeography 01 (Berlin 2020)', conceived as a collage of electronic sound, found footage and field recordings. The second hour is a piece of electronic Musique Concrète in the tradition of Luc Ferrari but it is equally inspired by ambient-house giants The Klf and tape-legend William Basinski.

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