Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ BBB
Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ BBB

Enigmatic as a riddle testing one's alertness, BBB (ex-Baby Bee from Smos and Baby Bee) is the nom de plume of an Antwerp based DJ and music connoisseur who left behind an enormous legacy as one of the first house DJs touring Belgium and abroad in the nineties and two thousands.

When halting her fatiguing profession as part of a thought-out plan, she never stopped collecting beautiful music though. Away from the spotlights and DJ booth, BBB explored other creative personas such as interior design and photography, while transferring her experience as a DJ to new generations. We are beyond excited to present two hours of BBB in the mix, still effortlessly showcasing her taste for the unheard B-side, nowadays designed for the listening room rather than the dance floor.

Tony Allen - Ole, remix by Moritz von Oswald Neba Solo – Noumou Foly remix King Sunny Adé and his African Beats – Ja Funmi remix Rockers Hi-Fi – Farda P remix Underworld - Oich Oich Michal Turtle - Spooky Boogie Pekka Airaksinen - Simhaghosha Model 500 - Info World Franco Battiato - Propiedad Prohibida David Byrne - Light Bath Daphne Oram - Whirling Blue - Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Sun Electric - 7:07 Sun Electric - Waitati Post Kenny Larkin - Catatonic Tengrams - The Drake Equation Nick Holder and Marcus Turcotte - Rebirth Fantastic Man - Legoman ASONE - Downburst