Outsiders: Akuphone w/ Alan Bishop & Cheb Gero
Outsiders: Akuphone w/ Alan Bishop & Cheb Gero
Global Sounds

Cheb Gero invites underground legend and composer Alan Bishop, co-founder of Sublime Frequencies and member of the (oc)cult band Sun City Girls. Alan is in charge of the first hour, followed by Cheb Gero.

Alan Bishop Sun Ra - Space Loneliness Dion and the Wanderers – Farewell Lee Hazlewood - No Train to Stockholm Dosmukasan - Sagyndym Seni Jody And Bobbie - Requiem For Love ZZ Top - Asleep In The Desert [Instrumental] Mazouni - Écoute-moi Camarade Frank Sinatra – Cycles Francis Lai - Keep It Cool Kris Kristofferson and Band - Rescue Mission Panda - Books of Water The Folklords - Windows The Bystanders - Cave Of Clear Light Kain - I Ain't Black Gene Clark - Back Street Mirror Hoyt Axton - Double Double Dare Peggy Lipton - Honey Won't Let Me Cheb Gero The Dwarfs Of East Agouza - Rats Don’t Eat Synthesizers DDAA - La pluie de mai sur le papier de soie Czeslaw Niemen – Pielgrzym Ti Plume & Cie - Plumologie Luis Pastor - Extrana Era La Fabrica Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band (Egypt) - Oriental Mood Fawzi Al-Aiedy – Nostalgie Unknown - Zavan [Monts Mandara] Unknown - Resurrection - Halléluia, Qama-L-Lahou Min Mathwahou, Qadishat Aloho The Dwarfs Of East Agouza - The Green Dogs of Dahshur
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