Outsiders: Offen Music w/ Turbo Island
Outsiders: Offen Music w/ Turbo Island

"Turbo Island is my happy place. Everything is colourful. The music is bouncy. But behind the big yellow grin lies a confusing relationship with music. I only ever really really really fall for music that could (possibly) be made by people that are (perhaps) a bit LIKE ME. I have to be able to vaguely imagine myself and old school friends playing all the instruments (I don’t know how to play any instruments).

This has often limited my absolute enjoyment to lo-fi, self-taught, English speaking, sloppy, nonsensical, awkward stuff. When I hear phrases in the wild like “great production” and “fantastic voice”, I shrug. I struggle to relate to those things. They're out of my reach. So I’ve tried to be myself with this mix. These are akin to the voices in my head, sometimes they are annoying but sometimes they are warm and inviting.

There's a few songs about Jesus in there too (I have no explanation for this)."

Vladimir Ivkovic' Offen Music invites graphic T-shirt brand Turbo Island a.k.a. Turby.

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