NIGHT ON EARTH w/ Delphine Demord, Paroi, Catherine Danger, Tzii
NIGHT ON EARTH w/ Delphine Demord, Paroi, Catherine Danger, Tzii

Night On Earth show comes from the vault of the structure/label of the same name. The point is to present the dj skills of Tzii, but also bringing sometimes guests who are usually on the label as well, but not only. The main discipline is to have a specific thematic each time, always a different one. It can be a focus on microlabels, or a focus on a certain music genre, or on a certain musician network, etc.

DAVE SAVED: Voices TIME COW & RTKAL : Elephant Man MSYLMA: Inquirad (Rihab-U Dhakir) GAVSBORG & SHANIQUE MARIE : Did Not Make This For Jah SCANNER: NightJam remix AISHA DEVI : The Favor of Fire (Equiknoxx Remix) SPACE AFRIKA: Lose You Beau HOLLY CHILDS & GEDIMINAS ZYGUS: Fractal Pacified SEA URCHIN : GinaaHein Itnein COH: Curious Yellow (Feat. Little Annie) YOUNG ECHO : Rocksteady SCANNER: S' Alright TRACY SADA : Hello World DECHA: Tonca O$VMV$M : Dill Big Choo JOHNNY HAWAY: Prenons-nous dans les bras SEEKERS INTERNATIONAL : OverGirlX EQUIKNOXX: Plantain Porridge LOTO RETINA : Side Jack Squats EIJRA WOON: Dead Towns (Ft. Black Sifichi) LEO HOFFSAES & LOTO RETINA : I'd Like to Tell Her SMAGGHE & CROSS: Somebody To Love Tonight (Original Mix) CATHERINE JAUNIAUX & TIM HODGKINSON - Origine des femmes / Trii Group - Propolis (rework) MIFAN - Argent Tu Pues SEPEHR - Shadow Cinema TANZ MEIN HERZ - Spiegel haus OMMA - Rabotala CHRISMAN Feat YUNIS - Ku Mwezi ELG - La mort roulée en nem FUSILLER - Le Monde Supérieur A DIJIT - Soaad THE BODY - () CHRISTOPH DE BABALON - Hung on a String NEUNAU - simili a nastri SWANS - Sentitive Skin DISCORDANCE AXIS - A Leaden Stride to Nowhere ZRU VOGUE - A day in the life of the Zru C_C - MALSJO