Nico Juice
Nico Juice

Like no other, Nico Juice mixes music as a basic ingredient throughout his life. He is the head honcho of the infamous Mo’ Juice parties (alongside Mo Disko), he works for Democrazy as a concert promotor and he is a much admired DJ, firmly embedded in Ghent's (tiny) clubscene. More than anything else, Nico Juice is a longtime vinyl-enthusiast with a chunky record collection, that mainly focuses on obscure - yet infectious - dancefloor gems from all over the globe. Selection-wise, he bravely avoids the tried and tested party formulas and aims for an original, quirky sound to call his own. If we must mention music genres: disco in all its shapes, early house, tropical/exotic stuff, eighties boogie,… every tune is added to the blender meticulously. As such, his DJ-sets are like a vivacious shot of juice, that gives you a taste of the endless possibilities of the night

Elizio De Buzios – Tamanquiero Sarah Dash – Low Down Dirty Rhythm Coco Bill – Evita (Avoid) [Mix Version] Wilson Boateng – Mabre Agu (Mendel’s Midnight Mix) Gerard P.J. Brown – Sexy Lady Patience Africa – Isilingo Sendoda (Antal’s One-Cut Mix) Johnny Dynell – Rhythm Of Love (Larry Levan's Garage Dub) Ivan Mamão Conti & Grassmass – A Mina Somachrome – Vague Computers Spaced Out Krew – Doudou Bourbon Dreamscape – To Think We Met Just Yesterday The New Age Orchestra – Let’s Dream Together Bianca – Tabu (Caribbean Dub) Arp Frique – Baba Love ft. Orlando Julius