Outsiders: Décalé Records w/ Bassinä
Outsiders: Décalé Records w/ Bassinä
Post Rock
In Décalé's mix, entitled “une adolescence fragile”, Bassinä takes us back to the tormented teenage era by infusing a tight selection with youngsters' testimonials recorded on purpose. Strongly supported by nostalgic guitars, the man behind our sublabel layout and Castalia Drops design reminds us that our fallen credulity is not that far away from ourselves. 🄾🅄🅃🅂🄸🄳🄴🅁🅂 🌐 "Outsiders" is our daily show hosted by global independent record labels 📡 Connect with the Outsiders, every day, at 10 am or 10 pm CET 🔗 https://kioskradio.com
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