Nous'klaer Audio
First Thursday of the month - Night

Since its founding in 2013, Rotterdam-based record label Nous’klaer Audio has been a crucial hub of activity for a host of emerging cross-genre artists with unique visions. The label has developed a level of trust with its listeners thanks to its track record for discovering vital rising talent, releasing early records by now-established artists like Oceanic, upsammy, and Konduku.

There isn’t a specific genre that Nous’klaer focuses on – on one release you might hear Nadia Struiwigh’s introspective ambient techno, and on the next, Meetsysteem’s Dutch-language indie pop – but it’s all bound by a shared sense of colour, exploration, and expression, with every Nous’klaer artist having a signature sound that’s immediately recognisable as their own.

Place des Palais 10
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels-Capital Region
City of Brussel

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