Low Budget Family x That's a Steal!
Fourth Tuesday of the month - Day

This show is going be a an ultimate battle of Lipelis’ lovely children Low Budget Family (which he co-runs with Sergey Pleshakov aka Orange) and That’s a Steal! (which is mostly himself with some help of Val Sputnik).

Low Budget Family is strongly connected to the crew of DS Bar in Moscow that closed in original venue in April 2019 but now found new location and opened up again in August 2020. The label is focused on original dance music from the people you’d regularly find on a bars' dancefloors (and of course in a DJ booth).

That’s A Steal! is focused on obscure but usually really danceful music from the past, edited for the maximum dancefloor appeal. The geography of musical sources is as wide as it gets, while people who gets to cut it are mostly locals linked to Strelka Bar, another great spot in Moscow's dance scene.

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