Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine & Lou
Outsiders: Demord Enregistrements w/ Delphine & Lou
Spoken Word

Delphine Demord & Lou are providing you with this evening’s soundtrack for Demord Enregistrements.

These two "sac à vino" take you on a two-hour progressive instrumental journey from their bedroom to the dancefloor. Expect some foggy spoken word, doom jazz, bright shiny dub tracks. Guitars and rock songs for dancing are the common thread of their selections.

Part 1 : Patricia Escudero - Gnossienne I - 1890 David Shrigley - Doctors Bohren & der Club of Gore - Sabbat Schwarzer Highway Kleg - Part Two Part 2 : Delphine & Lou Dj-set recorded @ Impeccablos Fest on July 31st 2022 Elg - Mauve Zone II Mothemen - Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle The Paradox - New Rain Reymour - spezial Impeccablos Folie 2 - Alone Joo Rita - The killer’s Death DJ F12 Falcon - You Make me feel so good Renegade Soundwave - Black Eye Boy Sofa Surfers - Twisted Tongue Kruder & Dorfmeister - King Size Luke Slater - When it Twists Les Points - プロレタリアート称賛 (Applaud the proletariat) Hybryds - Xeny Deliluh - Freeloader Feast Implog - Holland tunnel Drive The fall - Living Too Late Ciccione Youth - Into the Groovey Colder - Crazy Ice - Dusted George Theodorakis - Life And Intercourse The Normil Hawaiians - British Warm Starter - Victim - 1985 Slint - Good Morning, Captain Die Jungen - The Way Down
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