Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ Blue
Outsiders: Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities w/ Blue

British nineties IDM duo and label affiliates Blue stepping in for Kong & Hill Men’s label.

David Byrne - My Big Hands Blue - Chi Schooly D Halim El-Dahb - Wire Recorded Piece Keith Le Blanc - Get This Blue - Dark Plasms Coil - Queens Of The Circulating Library Barry De Vorzon - Theme from "The Warriors" 808 State - Flow Coma Fini Tribe - 101 Blue - 4am Going North Blue - Pretty Ugly Blue - She Found The Colours Ryuichi Sakamoto - 1st Movement Grief Fingers Inc - Mystery Friend Dilliger - Natty Kung Foo Count Machuki - More Scorcha Blue - Scratch African Headcharge - Off the Beaten Track Grace Jones - I've Done It Again Diamanda Galas - Εξελόυμε Blue - Shes Machine cjmann - Crons - Pt 1 Blue - Mound Of Wires Dead Can Dance - Oman King Sunny Ade - Oremi Horace Andy Government Dub Blue - Nine Friendly Keys
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