Noannaos(nooneknows)is a collective and label that aims to put its foot into the scene with forward thinking music and new concepts for events. Its sound is progressive, through a fusion of experimental electronic music, ethnic influences and hip-hop with a continuous search for new sounds, eager to cross different genres. We understand the healing effects of art and creativity and we hope to bring concepts that can help people engage with the creative process in a more conscious way, pushing people to participate in events that encourage collective self-expression. The common thread in everything we do is innovation. We want to push the boundaries of sound and the way people create, relate and engage with art. Create events with immersive experiences, combine different disciplines, music/visual/dance.. .Essentially, we want to be able to be a platform and a catalyst for creativity.

Place des Palais 10
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels-Capital Region
City of Brussel

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