Lexi presents Lawrence Le Doux & Roger 3000
Lexi presents Lawrence Le Doux & Roger 3000

Lexi Disques is a maverick label born and based in Brussels that explores the rich possibilities of the 7-inch record single. A welcoming home for experimental and adventurous musicians of diverse backgrounds, from fresh and vibrant faces to underground heroes, dwelling between the misty fields of psych-pop to the straight (and not so straight) roads of electronics.

Laurent Baudoux HTRK - Valentina Idee Du Femelle - Come Back To Bali Vandalorum- Broken Brick Fountain Felt - Fire Circle Oroskällan- Bär Mig Under Ditt Namn Joanne Robertson & Dean Blunt ‎– X Antonio Campo - Slow Business 1 Marco Persichetti - Vento Di Terra George Smallwood - Into Your Love Lawrence Le Doux & Roger 3000 - Creme Velly Joonas – Stopp, Seisku Aeg! Annette Brissett - Jumping Up And Down Lawrence Le Doux & Roger 3000 - Caramel Jeff Phelps - Don't Fall Apart On Me Bô'vel - Check 4 U Mimi Majick - Untilted Aphex Twins - We Are The Music Makers Peaking Lights - All the sun that shines
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