Outsiders: Tofistock w/ HANNA
Outsiders: Tofistock w/ HANNA
Hip hop
The Tel Aviv-based label crew is run by OlsvangΓ¨r, MYKI & Lily Haz. Acting as a home for both experienced and bedroom musicians, under the belief that there is so much good music hidden in backs of drawers, just waiting to be heard. Listen to a one hour mix by invitee HANNA. #KioskRadio #Outsiders21 #StayConnected πŸ„ΎπŸ…„πŸ…ƒπŸ…‚πŸ„ΈπŸ„³πŸ„΄πŸ…πŸ…‚ 🌐 "Outsiders" is our daily show hosted by global independent record labels πŸ“‘ Connect with the Outsiders, every day, at 10 am or 10 pm CET πŸ”— kioskradio.com
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